Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible for Home Care services?
A: Anyone who needs assistance to remain safely at home.
Q: Is the staff insured and/or bonded?
A: Yes, all staff are insured and bonded as well as thoroughly screened through our selection process.
Q: Yes, all staff are insured and bonded as well as thoroughly screened through our selection process.
A: We accept self-pay, long term care insurance, private insurance, Medicaid Waiver, and VA funding.
Q: Is your Home Care service licensed?
A: Yes, we are licensed as a Home Care Agency through the Department of Health.
Q: Who can make a referral?
A: Anyone can make a referral. Simply call us a415-359-4067 to find out what we can offer for you or your family member. Your physician or other referring agency may also make recommendations regarding your healthcare – just be sure to ask for Home Nursing Agency.
Q: Can I keep my personal physician?
A: Yes. We will work closely with your healthcare provider, and help reinforce the primary physician/patient relationship. We consider this bond to be a high priority.
Q: Who is eligible for hospice care?
A: Any individual diagnosed with a life-limiting illness is eligible for hospice. After a physician certifies the patient’s hospice care, the patient and his or her family would elect hospice care to focus on quality of life.
Q: Who pays for hospice?
A: Hospice is a 100% covered benefit under Medicare. This benefit covers the hospice team’s services, medications, equipment, and supplies related to the patient’s life-limiting illness. Hospice care is also covered under Medicaid and many insurance plans. As a not-for-profit provider, RTP home healthcare hospice services regardless of the ability to pay or insurance coverage.
Q: Who can make a referral to hospice?
A: Anyone can make a referral to RTP home healthcare, including physicians, individuals, family members, friends, clergy, and other healthcare providers. Following a free assessment, hospice professionals work closely with an individual’s primary care physician to begin providing hospice services.
Q: How can hospice volunteers help?
A: Our hospice care professionals are a special group of individuals that give of their time and talents to assist patients and their families. They can assist with daily activities and may read, sing, write letters, or just reminisce with you and your loved ones about life’s experiences. Their support enhances the quality of life for patients and helps relieve some of the demands that are often placed on caregivers.
Q: Is RTP home healthcare licensed and accredited?
A: Yes. We are licensed by California Department of Health, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and by a national accrediting organization, joint commision who has also commended the Agency for exceeding requirements.
Q: Are the caregivers bonded and insured?
A: Yes. Every RTP home healthcare caregiver is an employee of our agency. As such, we perform extensive background clearances on each employee, and cover each of them with general liability insurance and Worker’s Compensation insurance
Q: Who can benefit from our Private Duty Home Care program?
A: Customer Experiences:

  • Memory deficits
  • Decline in functional ability or self-care activities
  • Falls or other safety concerns
  • Medication compliance challenges
  • Social isolation/lives alone

Caregiver/Family Member Concerns:

  • Caring for a loved one that lives at a distance
  • Needs time to work or fulfill other obligations
  • Physical inability to provide care for a loved one


Q: What type of clients do you serve?
A: We serve clients of all ages from the young to the elderly throughout the Northern California San Francisco Bay Area.
Q: What level of care do you provide?
A: We provide skilled nursing and non-medical homecare services.
Q: How do you screen and supervise your care staff?
A: Each care member undergoes an extensive screening process. Applications are reviewed and screened for actual professional paid work experience as a caregiver. The applicant then must pass a written and verbal clinical competency test as part of the interview process. All applicants are subject to a nationwide background investigation at the federal and county levels along with a driving record search and Social Security trace confirming their eligibility to work in the U.S. References from previous employers are validated prior to a hiring decision.
Q: How do you assign a caregiver to a client?
A: Our staffing members work with our Case Manager to ensure a good client match. Our client matches are based on the caregivers skill set, personality and availability.
Q: How fast can you respond to a service request?
A: Our staff is available 24 hours a day to respond to a clients care needs. If a client is seeking new services, we usually can provide staff with-in 2 hours of the call for service.
Q: How do you receive client feedback and quality assurance checks?
A: Within the first 2 shifts of the start of services, we initiate a phone call to the client or the clients family to check on how their satisfaction with the overall services. We also send out quarterly satisfaction surveys to our clients and referral sources.
Q: How do you handle a clients confidential personal information?
A: All our caregivers are bound by HIPPA laws. All of our client’s personal information is stored on an encrypted network or secured under lock and key in our offices. Your confidential information will never be released without the expressed consent of our client or responsible party.
Q: How do you bill?
A: Our non-medical homecare services are billed every two weeks for services rendered.
Q: How long are the assignments?
A: It varies. The norm is 4-13 weeks. Renewal is up to you.
Q: How about housing?
A: At RTP we are convinced to accommodate comfortable, private, safe, clean and free one bed-room apartments for all of our professional travelers. For your convenience, we arrange accommodations close to the medical facility you are assigned to. Walking distance, if possible. You should move in at least two days prior to start of your assignment. You have option of receiving monthly housing subsidy. If you refuse to accept housing provided to you by RTP or medical facility. If you have any question regarding housing, please contact your recruiter.
Q: What do I need to get started?
A: First, you must fill an application online or mail directly to RTP along with a copy of your legal drivers license, social security, and recent physical, including MMR, TB and HepB.
Q: Who makes the travel arrangements?
A: RTP handles all travel details such as housing, car rentals, etc.
Q: Do I have to get a rental or may I use my own?
A: It is your own discretion. If you do not use RTP’s rental car, we will pay you the subsidies.
Q: If I stay with a friend / relative will it affect my housing allowance?
A: We will pay you the housing subsidy regardless where you live.
Q: Can I travel with my spouse and/or my pet?
A: Yes.
Q: How often do I get paid?
A: RTP pays weekly. We also offer direct deposit or mail check directly to you.
Q: Do I share my housing with any other person?
A: No.
Q: Who will pay for my state license?
A: RTP will reimburse your assigned state license.
Q: Can I choose an assignment in a particular city that I like?
A: Yes. Your recruiter will assist you to get an assignment in the city of your choice.
Q: Do I have to sign an annual contract with RTP?
A: No. The choice is always yours.
Q: What salary range does RTP offer?
A: RTP’s hourly pay rate is competitively high in professional travel industries. We encourage you to contact our office to find out what your pay rate will be considering your specialty.
Q: Is there a dress code?
A: Your recruiter will explain to you about the dress code of the facility where you are going to be assigned.
Q: What is “per diem”?
A: It is a non-taxable daily allowance, and it is paid for seven days a week.
Q: What are completion bonuses?
A: RTP offers cash rewards to its continuous active professional travelers for completion of continuous assignments. This are as follows:

  1. After completion of 2080 hours: receive $1200.00
  2. After completion of 3160 hours: receive $2000.00
  3. After completion of 4000 hours: receive $3000.00

RTP defines continuous assignment as no interruption more than 30 days between.


Q: How is the relocation allowance paid?
A: Either you fly or drive to the assigned medical facility and RTP will pay a total of $500.00 as a round-trip relocation allowance.

Q: How does RTP refund licensure reimbursement?
A: RTP reimburses a maximum of $100.00 per license after completion of that particular assignment.
Q: Does RTP offer paid vacations?
A: Yes, after completion of 2080 work hours with RTP, you are entitled to 10 days of paid vacation.
Q: What is RTP’s 401K plan?
A: RTP’s matching plan matches a maximum of $100.00 per month on the employee’s plan after the completion of 2080 working hours. For more detail and paperwork, contact your recruiter.
Q: Insurance coverage
A: RTP provides health and professional liability for all of its professional travelers. For more detail, contact your recruiter.