Compliance and Ethic

At RTP we are  highly committed to provide quality care to our patients. As part of our commitment, we strive to ensure an ethical and compassionate approach to health care delivery. We at RTP Home Health Care enjoy the reputation for delivering the highest levels of patient care with the highest level of integrity. In order to maintain and grow this reputation, all of our staff and administrators must understand and embrace all of the principles and obligations of RTP’S HealthCare  services Compliance and ethic Program.
Respect all laws and avoid any involvement in false, fraudulent, or deceptive activity.

Treat all individuals encountered or entrusted to their care with respect and dignity.
At RTP, our commitment to our patients and to our clients is to provide the best care possible. We fulfill that commitment by promoting adherence to ethical business practices, all applicable clinical, regulatory, and legal standards, RTP’s policies and procedures, and RTP’s Code of Conduct.