Bonuses at RTP

Completion Bonuses

RTP offers cash rewards to its continuous active professional travelers for completion of continuous assignments. These are as follows:
  • After completion of 2080 hours: receive $800.00
  • After completion of 3160 hours: receive $1000.00
  • After completion of 4000 hours: receive $2000.00
RTP defines continuous assignment as no interruption more than 30 days between.

Referral Bonuses

RTP referral bonus structures are as follows:

  • The first referral bonus is: $700.00
  • The second referral bonus is: $1000.00

In order to receive these bonuses, the requirements are:

  • We should have your application in our RTP file.
  • Referred person must complete a 13-week assignment with RTP.
  • All agreements between referred professsional and RTP must be fully completed.